Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy with financing?

Yes. We provide an easy financing option. Purchase and pay with easy instalments

Will my sofa match my swatch in terms of colour?

Dealing with natural fabrics, mainly when they are undyed, can be tricky. However, some textiles are worse offenders than others. The changes are typically pretty modest (for example, the charcoal brushed linen cotton and natural flax linen).

My new sofa's cushions feel a little stiff. What shall I do?

When it arrived, your new sofa’s seat and back cushions were firmer than you expected. Don’t worry; this is typical, and they will settle soon. Please give them a thorough plumping to redistribute the feathers and turn them over occasionally to encourage the process.

I've noticed that almost all your cushions have feathers; can you help me?

Numerous of our sofas are standardly hypoallergenic. For those who don’t, we may provide a different cushion made entirely of fibre as an alternative to feathers.

Can the sofa be customized?

Yes!! You can get assistance from our designers with your requirements. We advise taking the Sofa Guide Tour to learn about the options available for comfort and design before consulting with our production specialists to make the best decision.