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How to choose Sofa Color

Sofa is one of the most primary piece of decor in any home, so be very careful while choosing the color of the couch if you want to enhance the appeal of the room.

Should you go for light or dark color ?

It is very hard to make a decision between dark and light color but always keep in mind, how you are going to utilize the sofa, while choosing color tone. In family room try to go from medium to dark shade specially if there are children at home as light colors are more vulnerable towards dirt and it is not very easy to wash or clean some fabrics.
It is true that Light colors stand out more but you can always pop out by adding printed pillows and chairs in the room .

In the guest room you have all the options open to choose, from a Light ivory color to dark black or espresso. It is always better to go for the distinctive and noticeable colors like red , gold , yellow , purple , royal blue. If you are going with neutral base of furniture make sure to add bright flashy colors as accent pieces.

Most importantly, Shade of furniture should always compliment the house and interiors , no matter which color you choose .

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Sagandeep Dhillon ,
Sofa Studio

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